There is a whole big world to explore, what Harm could it do to look around





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What is Age of Discovery?

Age of Discovery is a top-down 2D Role-Playing Game built on the solid model of Table Top Role Playing Games.  You, the player, will create a character by rolling up attributes, select your race which will modify your attributes, then pick a class, and if you are satisfied by what you see, you will then be able to name your character and select their avatar.   That gives you eighty four possible character options!   That sounds pretty straight forward like so many other games before us, but here is where make it different, you then go on to pick two additional party members to join you as you search through the world.  You have twenty eight party members to choose from to help flush out your group, each party member has aback story for you to check out and help you decide what you want to play as a group. 

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